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High pressure tubular gauge glass
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High pressure tubular gauge glass

Place of Origin: Shandong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name: winton
Model Number:Tempered Glass
Function: Acid Etched Glass, Decorative , Heat Absorbing Glass, Insulated Glass
Shape: Flat
Structure: Hollow, Solid
Type: Float Glass
Color: red and white
Material: borosilicate glass
Edge Treatment:fire finishing
Application:sight glass indicator
Tubular level gauge glass has a red line between two white lines which, in the presence of a colorless liquid, magnifies the red line.  The bold red line makes it easier to read the liquid level. It is also named glass tube level gauge.
Redline tubular gauge glass is widely used in tanks, reservoirs and low pressure boiler applications.

Size (other size is also available)

 O.D.1/2" ±0, -1/32

Wall 5/64"±1/64"

Length 8-72

 O.D.5/8" ±0, 1/32

Wall 3-32" ±1/64"

Length 8-72

 O.D. 3/4" ±0, 1/32

Wall 7/64" ±1/64"

Length 8-72

 O.D. 1" ±0, 1/32

Wall 1/8" ±1/64"

Length 8-72


Typical Material Properties

Thermal expansion (20-300°C)

α = 4.7x10-6 K

Transformation Temperature

Tg = 715°C

Strain Point

Tc = 688°C

Softening Temperature

Mg > 910°C

Thermal Shock

Δ = 300°C

Bending Strength

Mpa > 2250

Hydrolytic Resistance

(DIN ISO 719) Class 1

Acid Resistance

(DIN 12116) Class 3

Alkali Resistance

(DIN ISO 695) Class 3


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