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Borosilicate sight glass with foraminiferous
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Borosilicate sight glass with foraminiferous

Features of lense as follow:


With continuous temperatures to 1200-2100degree 
Thermal shock resistant 
High stability and durability. 
Thickness of 3mm-4.5mm 
Sheet size up to 1600mm x 500mm 
Available in bent, curved and flat configurations 
Best security against the dangers of the fire due to an unbeatable temperature resistance 
Excellent view of the dancing flames and a cozy feeling of warmth guaranteed by a high transparency.

Widely used in Medical, Electronics instrument, Scientific research, Optical industry etc.

Size and shape

Thickness: 0.5-30mm

Round, Square, Rectangular and Various shapes available.

MAX Size:1000mm×2000mm for Square shape

If the width is not more than 205mm, the max length we can supply is 3000mm.


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